3 Tips To Minimize Your Dog's Destructive Behavior

Posted on: 15 August 2017

Are you dealing with an overly-destructive dog? This can become extremely frustrating, especially when your dog gets after your favorite pair of shoes or tears up your couch cushion. Sometimes, your dog may start barking during the middle of the night or digging uncontrollably. Whatever the case may be, did you know that it is caused by boredom under many circumstances? It's true! With that being said, here are three ways you can help put an end your canine's destructive behavior:

1. Make Sure He's Getting Lots of Exercise.

There is a good chance that your dog isn't burning off enough energy if he is being overly destructive, and, as a result, your canine is looking for a way to get some of that energy out of his system. One of the best ways to burn off energy is through exercise. There are numerous ways that you can help your dog get more exercise throughout the day. For example, you could play fetch or take him for a walk around the block.

2.  Give Him Some New Toys.

Just like humans, dogs get bored when they have to play with the same old toys. So, make sure to get your canine some new toys every now and then. You also want to try out different toys to determine which ones your dog seems like be attracted to the most. Another idea is to put the toys that you have on a rotating schedule so that the dog constantly has something new.

You should pay close attention to the type of toys that tend to hold your dog's interest for the longest period of time. For many dogs, some of the best ones are the ones that provide a mental challenge, such as food-dispensing toys – these are stuffed with a treat and the dog has to pay with it to get the treat out.

3. Consider a Dog Play Date.

Kids love play dates, so why not dogs? Dog play dates offer a great way for dogs to get out of the house, play with other days and to relieve some of their boredom, while also getting plenty of exercise. Check out a dog park in your neighborhood to find local dog owners or simply check around your neighborhood. If you do this, you will want to ensure that your dog is up-to-date on all of his vaccinations, such as rabies.

For more advice, or to make sure that your dog's vaccinations are current before you begin dog play dates, contact your local veterinarian. Visit a site like http://www.kenmorevet.com for more help