Boarding A Dog Who Needs Daily Medications

Posted on: 8 August 2017

Going away for a while and leaving your dog behind is always stressful, but it can be even more so when you have a dog who needs medications administered on a daily basis. You may worry that he won't get the meds he needs while you are gone or that they won't be given properly. There's no replacement for your kind love and care, but thankfully, there are ways to ensure your dog receives the meds and treatment he needs while you are gone.

Choose boarding rather than having a friend take care of your dog.

Unless you have a friend who is a vet or vet tech and is willing to care for your dog while you're away, you're probably best off boarding your dog rather than having a friend stay with him. In spite of having the best intentions, your friend may become too busy and forget your dog's meds, or they may not be experienced enough in handling animals to ensure he eats it.

Dog boarding facilities employ people who are very experienced with animals and who will be able to give your dog his meds properly. It's part of their job, rather than just a favor you're asking of them.

If possible, seek out a boarding facility associated with a vet's office. This way, if anything goes wrong with your pet, you know that help is close by.

Ask for daily pictures or videos.

Many boarding facilities will now send the dogs' owners daily pictures or even videos so you can see that your dog is healthy and happy in their care. Always elect for this optional service, even if it does cost a bit more. This way, you can have the peace of mind of seeing your dog and knowing he is okay. You can get in touch with the boarder if you have concerns that maybe his meds are not being administered properly or his dose needs adjusting.

Show the caretakers how your dog takes his meds.

Leaving written instructions is okay in some cases, but if you really want to ensure your dog is medicated properly, arrange to drop him off at the boarder at a time when he needs his medications. Then, show the boarding facility employees exactly how you inject him, convince him to swallow the pill, etc. If they have any questions or concerns, this gives them a chance to ask you before you're out of town.