5 Benefits Of Purchasing Refurbished Veterinary Equipment

Posted on: 13 August 2017

Veterinarians are passionate about providing excellent care to animals, and having a fully equipped veterinary clinic is essential to being able to offer the highest level of care. When a vet wants to equip his or her clinic with all of the equipment needed, from veterinary patient monitors and ultrasound machines to operating tables and surgical equipment, buying refurbished equipment can make a lot of sense. Some of the reasons to consider buying refurbished veterinary equipment include:

Save Money

One of the biggest reasons that vets choose to purchase refurbished veterinary equipment is the fact that it costs a lot less than purchasing brand new equipment. The amount saved can be substantial, which makes refurbished veterinary equipment a great choice for new vet practices that need to purchase a lot of equipment at once or established vet clinics that need to replace very expensive equipment.

Access to Higher Quality

Some brands of veterinary equipment are known for offering top of the line quality, and they typically have a price tag to match their reputation. If your vet practice is set on buying a specific piece of equipment from a brand that is typically very expensive, choosing to buy a refurbished piece may put it in your price range. When working with a budget, opting for refurbished equipment can help you equip your vet clinic with higher quality pieces.

Good for the Environment

If you are eco-conscious, you may like the fact that buying refurbished veterinary equipment is an easy way for your vet practice to be eco-friendly. Purchasing refurbished veterinary equipment helps ensures that equipment that is not brand new doesn't end up getting thrown away and placed in a landfill.


Most people are aware that new veterinary equipment comes with a warranty, but a lot of people do not realize that most refurbished veterinary equipment also has a warranty provided by the company that is selling it. This means that you can purchase a piece of refurbished veterinary equipment at a lower price than new while still having the peace of mind that a warranty provides.

Proven Track Record

Sometimes, a brand new piece of veterinary equipment is not always the best buy. New makes and models of vet equipment can have glitches or issues that may not be discovered until several months after the product is released. When you buy refurbished equipment that is a few years old, you will be able to choose a brand and model that is known for working very well. 

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